mardi 28 août 2007

Lazy blogging

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Some mornings I don't really know what to put on my blog. I guess this happens to everybody, except maybe SusuPetal who has the ability to keep up with several blogs.

That could be the reason to my Friday post, the Contest. Why not make you contribute? The idea seems good as I 've already received and published the suggestion Isopeikko sent me. Have you seen it?
Last night SusuPetal, the blogger with one blog in English, one blog in Swedish and several blogs in Finnish, sent me her suggestion.

A red house by the blue sea. Not bad either.

But SusuPetal being SusuPetal, the blogger with several blogs (I wonder if she doesn't write some under another name as well) didn't stop at the drawing. She also wrote a poem.

Her house is red
with a cosy bed.
And did you know that
there sleeps this little cat!

And with the kitten
yearning and smitten
she looks to the sea
and would you believe:

she loves the moon
and some day soon
she takes her cat
and that was that!

She sails with the waves
and the cat, she hails:
Life is full of joy and laughter
happiness, love ever after.

And when the time is due
we’ll be back from the moon.
You’ll find us again in the cosy bed
just look in the house of flaming red.
Should I now let you, my contributors write all my future posts?

21 commentaires:

hpy a dit…

And of course I forgot to thank the contributor of today's post.

SusuPetal a dit…

Thank YOU, HPY, for letting me write your post:))

(what does that animal and some lines of yours do in my post!!!!!)

hpy a dit…

Should we change the name of the blog also? HPY by SusuPetal? Do you have better suggestions?

Anonyme a dit…

Yes, I have a great suggestion! I'll do your blog, you'll do mine:))

hpy a dit…

Why not, SusuPetal!

SusuPetal a dit…

There's one difficulty: I must pardon my French! Impossible. No, HPY, you'll have to do your own blogging.

hpy a dit…

Trop de travail aujourd'hui. Je n'ai même pas eu le temps de faire un résumé en français - essayez Babelfish. Et svp, dessinez moi une maison.

Ytterligare ett forslag till hus har kommit in - samt en dikt. Rita mera.

Toinen ehdotus on jo tullut. Tuleekohan tasta talo minulle? Kaipaan lisaa ehdotuksia.

JV dit Jyvais a dit…

It's so wonderf... non, je vais le dire en français : merci à HPY de m'avoir fait découvrir susupetal ! Bonne journée !

Olivier a dit…

Elle est belle ta nouvelle maison, avec un voisin sympathique.

Mick a dit…

I've got to write it down - that a house drawing is due for hpy! Susu's drawing and poem are fabulous and so is the drawing by Isopiekko. The photo of the donkey? Also wonderful the way it pokes a nose into all of our business. :D

Elegia a dit…

Pretty Ihaa, I could take it! I have often feelings I don't know what to write. That's because I do nothing ;D Often I don't even think anything. Brainless whispers from Elegia ;)

Rita A a dit…

Lazy blogging? - Well, sorry about my lazy commenting... I have to write and talk and think so much at work that oftentimes there just isn't enough energy for saying something about these very very nice posts of yours. But I do enjoy them :)

Peter a dit…

You are both excellent bloggers, always with something interesting, inventive and often amusing to tell. Now you want to invent something new, a switch of blog sites! Maybe not your best idea! We would in case immediately recognise the author. Unless, you also change subjects and Susupetal starts looking for water towers.

The red house on the water front looks nice. However, I tried a few things - not good enough yo be published - and thought that one of the major objectives, thinking of your future old legs, was to avoid the second floor and the dangerous staircase. But, I like the idea of the big window, allowing you to see the sormy sea - or the fog!

How is Mimoune doing? Ready for a moon trip?

hpy a dit…

Moumoune is resting, Peter, and so are you if your project isn't ready yet.

Gerald (SK14) a dit…

a delightful donkey

Mick a dit…

Your house can be found here and here. :D

hpy a dit…

Thank you so much Mick for not spending too much of my money.

lyliane six a dit…

Avec toutes ces pluies de l'été, n'aurais tu pas peur d'un glissement de terrain, pour cette belle maison rouge sur la colline? Regarde les falaises sur les plages du débarquement s'écroulent!!! Tu aimes le rouge? (c'est la couleur de la fête en Russie, comme ton pays a été Russe, aussi tu en gardes peut être des traditions?)Pour monter et descendre, il y a de petits monte- personnes que l'on installe le long des rampes ( c'est une marque suédoise d'ailleurs)ça serait bien pratique pour habiter une tour, à moins que tu ne la construises horizontalement, le problème serait réglé!!

hpy a dit…

Un château d'eau - ou un tour d'eau comme tu dis Lyliane - couché, ce ne serait pas une mauvaise idée. Quand est-ce que tu vas me dessiner ta proposition?

Bergson a dit…

C'est ton nouveau voisin. Il a y=une tête simpa tu as eu raison d'aménager dans cette nouvelle maison

Cergie a dit…

Adorable cet ane
Cela me rappelle les chevaux de ma belle soeur qui ont été galoper sur la nationale
Habitués à marcher à droite, ils ont pas fait de dégats
Elle a des anes aussi.

Et donc je fais d'une pierre deux coups, ce commentaire vaut pour l'ane et pour le sanglier casse-cou