vendredi 6 juillet 2007

Eight in a rubbish bin

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Maurelita asked me to list eight things about myself that you wouldn't know about. The problem is, you should know all about me by now, if you have been reading my blog. And I already listed seven some time ago. In French, though.
But let's go.
1. My cats know how to use a spoon for eating. They do not yet eat with a fork and a knife, but I'm not desperate. They are good learners.
2. I'm addicted to blogging - but I guess you already knew that! By the way, have you already visited HPY bis?
3. I have a bicycle but I don't know where it is. At least, I'm not sure.
4. I get up at least once in the night to open the door for one of the cats who has expressed its wish to go out - or to come in. Or both. Or both cats...
5. I don't like talking too much about myself. I prefer to talk about the cats.
6. I like the process of creating, furniture for instance, but I'm not good at the process of realisation. I need help for it . Thinking, planning and re-thinking is more interesting than doing. I've been designing a bookshelf for a couple of years already. I even have the wood. But nothing has been done yet. I'm getting desperate...
7. I used to paint - but I have never thought of myself as an artist.
8. I stop anything I do, even blogging, when one of the cats asks me for help. Or for tenderness. Or anything.
Before they ask, I have to tag eight persons. They are - let's think about it - bergson, isopeikko, hogrelius, l six, mpy, pho, rafael pyton and raipu. I hope I didn't tag the same ones last time.
The reply may be written in the language of their choice.

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Cergie a dit…

Tu es adorable !
Et puis merci de ne pas m'avoir comme on dit "renvoyé l'ascenceur".

J'adore que tu parles de tes chats, j'adore tour ce que tu fais, parce que tu es différente. Et tu t'assumes.
Quant à ton bricolage, j'avais fait à peu près le même lorsque nous étions jeunes mariés avec un globe comme toi et un rouleau en plastique, peut être un bout de gouttière je ne me souviens plus

Bon samedi et dimanche, HPY, dans ton pays de rêve en bord de Manche...

Liisa a dit…

Why on earth in a rubbish bin?

I have seen a dog using a spoon for eating. HPY bis is interesting. In your photos there your inclination to painting is explicit!

Peter a dit…

So, you want to put me in a rubbish bin?

Maybe because you already know me (too) well?

After a few hours' thinking about it, I now decided to refuse this tagging!! It's not that I have too many secrets to reveal (or hide), but I would not like to punish some friends by including them in MY tagging list!

Is there a punishment for a refusal?

Anonyme a dit…

Vet du hva HPY?! Neste sommer: La France vacance! Yes! Det blir et sted ved Rivieraen, nær Nice (nå kommer jeg ikke i håg stadsnavnet), men gud vad roligt det skal bli. Jeg har vært på språkreise på 80-tallet i Juan Les Pins/Antibes. Så dette blir jätteroligt :)

Anonyme a dit…

Interesting post today. I read it. Did not know about cats eating with a spoon. That should be on You Tube.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me at my blog. I appreciate it.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

isopeikko a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par son auteur.
isopeikko a dit…

Tehty. Done. Gjort. Getan. Fait.

andy a dit…

Hi, hpy. You'll have to excuse my summer absence - out here in the finest and free-est archipelago, the net I tend to use the most is the one I catch fish in, and the surfing I dearly would love to do is the kind you need the wind for.

Miss_Yves a dit…

You are fond of cats: so I advice you to read:

Des vacances de chat ,Dorrit Willumsen, l'Elan

"Ses maîtres étant partis en vacances d'été, une jolie chatte de bonne famille se retrouve quasiment seule, bien que confiée à la garde d'une voisine. Elle médite,dans un court roman plein de couleurs, d'odeurs et de bruits, sur les vicissitudes de sa vie de chat et sur les rapports avec les hommes "
Miss Yves

BarnGoddess a dit…

My cats seem to know when i am blogging, then they lay on my desk and key board until I bribe them w/ treats...