mercredi 13 juin 2007

A Swede in Paris

In 1928 George Gershwin composed a symphony called An American in Paris.
The music evokes the sights and the energy of Paris in the twenties.
On my way back home from Helsinki last Sunday I made a stop in Paris, a place where I lived for some fifteen years, a city I have always loved, even before my first visit back in 1969, the year when Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin made scandal with Je t'aime moi non plus.
I had someone to meet, someone whom I hadn't seen for fifteen years, or maybe more.
We used to work together, to have lunch together, or to go for a swim together during lunchtime. For some time we even shared the same room at the office, the place being limited by many newcomers.
And then it came to an end, and we didn't meet each other until some months ago, and only virtually.
Today Peter is composing his blogging symphony of a Swede in Paris. He has already shown us places and events from the arrondissement where he lives, and he's slowly - or should I say rapidly as he's always hurrying like on the picture - increasing his blogging activity to other arrondissements as well.
Maybe someone will some day make a film based upon Peter's symphony, just like the one directed by Vincente Minnelli and starring Gene Kelly in 1951 was based on the music by Gershwin.

14 commentaires:

hpy a dit…

Ingen oversattning idag - jag har inte tid.

Ei suommenosta tanaan - tyo odottaa.

Pas de texte en français aujourd'hui - le travail m'attend avec ses problèmes à resoudre. (Il y a des jours où j'étranglerais volontiers mes clients! (J'espère qu'ils ne lisent pas mon blog.))

Cergie a dit…

Il a la ligne !
C'est normal c'est un Suédois, tous les français fzntasment sur les Suédoises mais c'est oublier les Suédois !

Ne lui dis pas STP que j'ai écrit ça

C'est formidable tout de même le net vous a réunis virtuellement et pour de vrai.

lyliane six a dit…

Vivement la retraite!!mais comme je te l'ai déjà dit, tu verras tu seras toujours aussi surchargée, c'est ce qui se passe pour moi en tous cas, la preuve, je n'ai pas eu le temps de vous rejoindre à Paris et j'en suis peinée pour la semaine.bises.

Peter a dit…

Maybe I should not be the first one to comment this post, but...

Sincere thanks for this and especially thanks to you and DD for visiting me last Sunday, after so many years! It was a great pleasure for me and I trust that we will now meet a bit more frequently than every 15 years!

If you wish to see "hpy" taking these photos, you can se her on my blog / post of May 10!

Peter a dit…

Finally I was not the first, some nice ladies preceded me while I was writing!

(Je n'ai pas vu ce que tu as écrit, cergie.)

SusuPetal a dit…

About Gershwin and Minnelli: Gershwin's music is just as colourful as the film by Minnelli. The scenes are carefully planned, the colours well-thought. A fine combination of sound and fury!

Je t'aime moi non plus...I can still remember the sighs of Birkin -made an impression!

It's nice to rejoin with old friends, and in some cases, the years gone by, don't mean a thing. True friends remain in your heart although you wouldn't see them often.

alice a dit…

Do you always follow Peter's advices or only if it's about some blogs? ;-)

hogrelius a dit…

Det måste ha känts rätt så trevligt att träffas återigen efter så pass många år.Han ser himla trevlig ut och väl bibehållen.(Jo Peter det gör du)

En vacker dag dansar jag i Paris också.....

Peter a dit…

The blogging advice is coming from hpy, not from me! Actually, it's her "fault" that I'm today blogging and she has been my "master"! (I "found" hpy again, thanks to a common friend, who gave me the address and then it all started.)

Anonyme a dit…

men så trevligt!!! :) Paris er også en av mine favorittstäder, jeg har vært der 2 ganger i min ungdom. Sist i 1991. Nu vill jeg åke tillbaka med min kjære make og ha det mysigt, og dansa :)

Anonyme a dit…

Totakaan en kait tietänyt, tai unohtanut.

Hannele på Hisingen a dit…

(Pariisista en edes tykkää :)

Cergie a dit…

AHAHAH ! Peter est encore plus SEXY en grand !!!!
Ne lui dis pas STP !

Je comprends ! Tu as été trop busy pour passer me voir aujourd'hui !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bon week end, HPY, je présume que tu es à la fête de la musique (HUM !)

hpy a dit…

Peter doit faire des ravages dans le coeur des petites Françaises, Cergie!!! (Je ne lui dirai rien...)