samedi 23 décembre 2006

Playing Santa Claus

I had hardly finished my daily post yesterday when I stepped into my sleigh, which by the way is powered by 136 reindeers.

It was still dark and the reindeers and I had some difficulties in finding the first one I wanted to visit, but having turned around a little we finally succeeded. The neighbourhood had changed since we went there last time.

One parcel lighter and with a cup of coffee in the belly, (mine, not the reindeers', they prefer gasoline) we continued our job.

By noon we had visited only a few places. It was time for lunch. Luckily I ran into DD who offered me a good meal in the suburbs of Rouen. The reindeers didn't want anything.

The afternoon continued in the same way. In all we made nearly 300 km, and as we were headed back home the reindeers told me that they were hungry. They hadn't eaten for several days.

It was starting to get dark when we finally came home. I still had some paperwork to be done, and stayed in my office until it was time to look at NCIS on the tv, with a glogg, some goose liver and finally some chocolates on the table in front of me.

I still have some paperwork to be done, and would like to finish it before starting the weekend, so I stop here by wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

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Anonyme a dit…

Ihanaa joulua sinullekin, HPY, nautitaan rauhasta ja nukkumisesta, syömisestä ja kiireettömyydestä!

Reflex a dit…

Merry Christmas HPY :) Bonne route avec le traineau!

Anonyme a dit…

Happy holidays!

(Blogger ei päästä minua kirjautumaan)


isopeikko a dit…


Mary Stebbins Taitt a dit…

Lovely picture! Merry Christmas!

and a Happy New Year,too!

Shelly McC a dit…

Stunning Shot! Merry christmas!

Cergie a dit…

J'ai même pas réussi à photographier du houx, c'est dur car c'est sphérique, bravo, tu y arrives bien
Mon houx était très flou !

Tu n'as pas un blog spécifiquement photos mais tu pourrais faire des jaloux il y a bien des blogs photos qui n'y arrivent pas aussi bien que toi

✿France✿ a dit…

La traduction je peux a trouver ou pas!
Et toi aussi comment fais tu ?

hpy a dit…

France, je te conseille de passer par Google traduction si tu veux traduire le texte. Le résultat n'est pas garanti.