lundi 6 novembre 2006


I have moved to Bêta and changed some colours. Any comments?

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Anonyme a dit…

Blue as the sky
blue as love
if you are blue.

Fazer blue:)


hpy a dit…

For those who don't know, Fazer blue is "blue as chocolate".

Reflex a dit…

J'aime bien les couleurs :)mais, toutes les anciennes images, elles ne sont plus là?

Anonyme a dit…

Blue seems to be the colour of the season, here in Finland anyway. It suits you well. :)

ari4u a dit…

You are totally correct. That is a Kniphofia plant in my hummer post. They are also called Torch Lily, Red Hot Poker, or Poker plants and are a native to Africa.

Good picture you have here :) Blue is my fav color too.

hpy a dit…

Reflex, elles sont là les anciennes. Il faut juste aller dans les archives.
(Ce n'est pas bon comme ça?)